Oar Health is the perfect companion to Moderation Management. 

Oar Health provides access to safe & effective medication proven to help people drink less. 

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A daily pill to drink less

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Why Oar Health?

Everything is 100% online. No awkward pharmacy lines. If prescribed, meds are sent to your door in discreet packaging. 


This medication is a lifesaver. The customer service is awesome. I love that I was able to confidentially get help.


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Prescription medication from Oar Health.

Medication from Oar Health can help you take  control of your relationship with alcohol.

Doctors and other healthcare professionals at Oar Health prescribe naltrexone — a safe, effective, FDA-approved medication for the treatment of alcohol problems.

Naltrexone helps people drink less by cooling off the reward and pleasure we feel when we drink, making it easier to drink in moderation or to cut out alcohol completely.

Oar Health makes it easy to get started. Complete a free assessment to see if you qualify for treatment. If you do, a licensed and trained healthcare professional will assess your case, prepare an individualized treatment plan, and prescribe medication if clinically appropriate.

If medication is prescribed, Oar Health will deliver it directly to your door in discreet packaging.

See if treatment is right for you.

Join the 25,000+ members who have cut back their drinking. 
Or who have quit altogether.

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Naltrexone is not right for everyone. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if naltrexone is right for you. If you take opioid-based medications as prescribed or recreationally or if you use illicit drugs that contain opioids, you cannot begin treatment with naltrexone until you stop taking opioids. The most common side effect of naltrexone is nausea.

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Oar Health & Moderation Management

Oar Health is a proud Advocate Partner of Moderation Management because we share a commitment to helping people change their relationships with alcohol and hold close some common values.

We believe in empowering individuals to take back control over alcohol by supporting individuals in choosing and traveling their own paths, whether their goal is moderation or sobriety. 

We believe in evidence-based, research-informed approaches to moderation and sobriety. 

And we believe in making care accessible and flexible, allowing people to get support from wherever they are, because every person trying to change their relationship deserves non-judgmental, empathetic care.

Use code MM30 at checkout to save 30% on your initial consult.

Benefits of naltrexone


For an annual plan

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Reduces alcohol cravings and consumption.

Available as single pill taken once a day.

Most see improvement almost immediately.

Can be taken for moderation or sobriety.

FDA-approved and not addictive.

Studies show reduction in drinking frequency and quantity.

What our members say


If medication is right for you it will be prescribed by a licensed healthcare professional and sent discreetly to your door.

Get Personalized Treatment

How Oar works

Everyone's goals and circumstances are unique. However you'd like to change your relationship with alcohol, we make it simple to get started.

Answer a few simple questions to see if treatment is right for you. It takes just a few minutes and can be done on your smartphone.

Qualify For Treatment

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Receive Ongoing Support


Our free online assessment takes just a few minutes. Most people do it on their smartphones. No appointment needed. Take care of everything from the comfort of home. 


Treatment is available for just $39/month. Shipping is free and there are no hidden costs. For many, treatment can be paid for using an HSA or FSA.

Judgment Free

Oar Health supports goals of both moderation and sobriety. It's the place to come if you're looking to change your relationship with alcohol. Whether that means cutting back, or quitting altogether.

Over 25,000 members have quit or cut back



join with the goal to moderate their drinking

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